Top 10 Father's Day Gifts

Heads up!!! Father's Day lands this Sunday the 19th June. Time to gather the family and have a chat about Dad. We all know how notoriously hard it is to shop for him but we've vetted 10 gift ideas that will help make this Sunday extra special for dad's.

Fathers day gift top ten.png

1. Socks - If you have some deep down hatred for your old man then this will surely leave a sour taste. This is a Warning!!! Don't buy socks for dad.

2. Steak - We all know the saying "The way to DAD'S heart is through his stomach". Treating dad to a juice steak is always going to be a winner and means that you can help him enjoy it by ordering one too. 

3. WD40 - If you find it hard saying the words "I love you" to your father, its ok. A can of WD40 is a secret Father to Son code for saying i love you. Just hand it over, nod your head, wait for the nod back and then your golden.

4. Battle Axe - This is something that dad will never buy himself and he'll pretend its something stupid that only kids play with but hand this to him on Sunday and watch him turn into a big kid again. 

5. Family Coat of Arms - Every dad wants to feel like the man of the house and is proud of his family heritage. Displaying his Family Coat of Arms in the hallway or in his man cave will give him great pride and joy. Order yours now. Click here.

6. Whiskey - If you have time you can hunt down something special and if you've left it to last minute then you can nip down to the shop. This is always going to be a winner.

7. Brogue Shoes - It is mans god given right to have a pair of Brogue Shoes in his wardrobe. If your dad doesn't there's something wrong so get on it. Quick!

8. Power Tools - American's like to get off with firearms and Irish and Europeans like to get off with Power Tools. This is just a fact of life. 

9. Watch - This can be seen as a thoughtful heart warming gift or maybe your just sick of dad being late from picking you up at the bus stop. 

10. Bike Helmet - This is for the dad thats going through the mid life crisis. Help keep him safe until it passes. 

Happy Fathers Day.