Top 10 Irish Wedding Gifts 2016

Irish Wedding Gifts.

For most of us breaking the couples wedding gift code is near impossible and we end up giving the gift in an envelope. Others grab the glossy catalog or lose themselves in Amazon.

Thankfully Ireland has a wealth of Irish designers and creative businesses that are creating aesthetically beautiful products. Campaigns and Events like the year of Design 2015 and Showcase Ireland have brought Irish designers and craftsmen to the frontier of Ireland's business world and beautiful showcased our indigenous talent to the world. So if your looking for a unique or personalised wedding gift and you would like to support Irish designers, there no need to look further a field. 

We've put together a list of the top Irish wedding gifts from the very best emerging home grown talent. We've even given ourselves a little mention too! 

If you too late with a wedding gift they'll make for a great Wedding Anniversary gift.

1. Painted Clans
Hand painted Personalised Family Coat of Arms with a modern twist. A unique gift which marks a couples wedding day. €170. Free Shipping with promo code: WEDDING2016 .Order Now.
2. Whackpack Furniture
Handmade wooden creepie stool handcrafted by you. €39
3. Cooper Handcrafted Furniture
Handmade oak pizza board. €45
4. Grand Grand
5. Snug
A modern take on the chest of drawers. €565
6. Chloë Dowds Ceramics
Beautiful handmade wheel-thrown porcelain teapot. €120
7. Arran East Street
Espresso Pot. €15
8. Helen Steele Artist
Choose from the selection in her gallery.
9. Mourne Textiles
Bourne check cushions. €155
10. Foxford
Giant Herringbone Throw Yellow. €120