A Symbol of Ireland.

The Four Provinces Flag of Ireland embodies the rich stories of the four Kingdoms of Ireland when it was ruled by Chieftains and High Kings in the 11th Century. 

In modern times, the country has four provinces: Leinster in the east, Connacht in the west, Ulster in the north and Munster in the south. The Irish word for province "cúige" derives from the phrase "fifth part," a hat tip to the historical fifth province of Ireland where Co. Meath in Leinster is now. The majority of the province of Meath became part the county although more northern areas were integrated into Ulster counties. 

Before the Norman invasion in 1169, these five provinces existed as loosely federated kingdoms controlled by Ireland's great Irish dynastic families of Uí Néill/O'Neill (Ulster), Uí Máeilsheáchlainn/O'Melaghlin (Mide/Meath), Uí Briain/O'Brien (Munster), Uí Conchobhair/O'Conor (Connacht) and Mac Murchadha-Caomhánach/MacMurrough-Kavanagh (Leinster).

I wanted to revive this rich history in a Giclee print. I focused on each element, redesigned them in a simplistic style and then gave each province a lick of paint. The prints come in two sizes A4 and A3. Each print is on 300g Acid Free Woodstock paper and comes with a backing board ready to be framed. 

You can purchase your Print Here and hang it in your home with pride.